Value Position

ADT has significant experience in working with Global companies; for several of our clients we provide 100% of their customer support needs – which is a validation of our capabilities and the trust that companies have displayed in us. We have seamlessly migrated several business processes, including projects that needed significant system integration.

The ADT edge covers several dimensions including :

  1. Guaranteed Performance – ADT guarantees to meet your Key Performance Metrics and Service Levels within 60 days of completing pilot phase and commencing production.
  2. Strong technical skills and experience in system integration including legacy systems.
  3. Ability to provide the highest quality of service at competitive prices, providing over 30% savings vis-à-vis US costs.
  4. Strong values – integrity, professionalism and transparency across the entire organization.
  5. Financial strength
  6. Domain knowledge
  7. Advantage location:
  • More applicants, ‘employer of choice’
  • Lower than industry employee attrition rates
  • Higher operational effectiveness and lower costs.
  • Choice of skilled manpower
  • Consistent performance
  • Higher information security