Work Culture

Our people are our brand ambassadors. We offer a stable work environment with the capability to provide growth avenues to employees.

At ADT, all supervisors and team leaders/managers are home grown staff that has risen from the ranks.




Internal Growth Options

ADT Offers Vertical as well as horizontal growth opportunities to its employees in a cross functional environment. A Customer Care Executive has a number of growth opportunities available within operations.

Apart from this, a Customer Care Executive also has the opportunity to strive for cross-functional skill set and growth by applying for Internal Job Postings for other functional units like Training, Quality, and Human Resources etc

Growth Mechanism

ADT has evolved a culture of nurturing people to take higher responsibilities by taking them through various levels of cross-functional training & certification.

Every employee in ADT has the opportunity to keep track of his/her performance on a regular basis by way of Dash Boards, which are available on line on the Corporate Intranet. Employees are regularly given feedback and coaching based on their performance by their immediate supervisors.

This system also keeps track of the retraining requirements of the employees. The retraining requirements are taken care of by the Training Unit by means of timely refresher programs.

The whole performance management process is oriented towards development of professional self of the employees so as to enable them to shoulder more responsibility and grow within the organization. The performance management process also ensures timely review of compensation to keep the employees at their productive best.

Employee Awareness 

Every new employee is made aware of the possible career paths within ADT in the Employee Induction Program immediately after the employee joins in.

There are regular employee awareness programs within the organization, which keep the employees abreast of the various possible growth opportunities within the organization. Every possible growth opportunity is made available to employees through Internal Job Postings.

The employee career paths also figure prominently in the performance management process and every employee is given information on various career paths he/she could follow.

Fun Place to Work 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. ADT recognizes the need for making the challenging call center job interesting and something to look forward to everyday. Celebrating various festivals and symbolic days together, inter team matches and get together are a part of life at ADT.